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Family Walk-In Clinic

Come to Family Walk-In Clinic for medical care and treatment of a variety of acute and chronic illnesses as well as minor injuries.

Family Walk In Clinic
Family Walk In Clinic

Provide Convenient & Affordable
Health Care

Family Walk-In Clinic has been owned and operated in Greeley, Colorado for over a decade and takes pride in caring for the residents of Greeley and surrounding towns.

Mission Statement
To provide safe, quality healthcare to people when they need to be seen.

Clinic Values
Honesty, patient relationships, compassion, and commitment to quality care without an appointment.

Services Provided By Clinic

Family Walk-In Clinic provides a wide range of services on a walk-in basis, as well as by appointment during our regular office hours.

Family Walk-In Clinic provides a wide range of services that are available for urgent care walk-in basis, as well as by appointment during our regular office hours.

Family Walk In Clinic

Appointment Care

We also provide primary care by appointment so that our practioners can be your doctors.

Family Walk In Clinic

We Provide Primary Care

Asthma, COPD, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal disorders, Wellness and Preventative care visits.


Famiy Walk-In Clinic provides a variety of pediactric vaccinations as well as some adult vaccinations. 

Features And Advantages
Of The Company

Small Family Practice

Locally owned

16 years of service to the community

Offer a wide variety of care in one location

Most insurances accepted

Self-pay rates available

Spanish Speaking Staff

Hablamos Espanol

Call us for more information about clinic services tailored specifically for you!

Thoughts From Our Best
Patient's Experience

Seeking for verbal of our service quality? Find them here. Everything is transparent and straightforward for your sense of jusitifcation.

Family Walk-In Clinic
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Christopher WalkerChristopher Walker
06:49 21 Dec 21
Great place with excellent staff.
Diana GriffinDiana Griffin
00:18 08 Dec 21
This place treats you like a real person. THANKS to ALL The STAFF!! BEST CARE I have ever had, Thanks!
Andrew RossiAndrew Rossi
20:22 19 Jul 21
** I’m editing my review and increasing the stars because after my initial review I received a call from Family Walk in Clinic and they worked hard to get to the bottom of this issue. The hospital that was going to do the MRI said they were waiting on more insurance info even though Family Walk in Clinic sent them everything in the beginning. So I feel that there was some fault on both sides since so much time went by and I did call Family Walk in Clinic approximately once per week for a month to try to get things moving.**When I was at Family Walk In Clinic to get x-rays on 6/28/2021, the staff was so friendly, so I feel bad leaving a negative review, but I have to let others know about my experience. Every time I called after my initial experience to resolve a problem caused by them, they gave me an attitude like I was wasting their time and that I was annoying for bothering them. They told me that the X-ray came back ok and that I needed an MRI, so they sent an MRI request to a hospital, told me that it would take up to 5 days, and to wait for their phone call. It’s been over a month now of having an unusable and very painful finger. I called them on 6/28, 7/9, and 7/19 trying to figure out why I haven’t been called about the MRI yet. Every time I call I get an attitude and I’m told that the hospitals end still says “pending”. I finally called the hospital today and they said that there is no order on file at all. I’m an electrician, so this month has put my into somewhat of a depressive state not being able to use one of my hands since that’s my livelihood. I personally will never go back to this walk in clinic because of this experience.